Thursday, September 25, 2008

Kitchen make over

Jeff and Lauren are back in school, Lauren loves it! She goes to a half day kindergarten so she gone from 9Am to 11:40

My friend Heidi just bought her first home and she sent me pictures of her before and after painting of her new home. I guess it encouraged me to repaint our kitchen and then I painted the cabinets. It's been a big, big job. I just got the cabinets finished last Saturday. I'll have to send my before and after pictures when I get it all finished.

Busy Bees

One Saturday a while back we took a trip to go see the local caves in our area. Most of the caves are lava tubes. Audrey did get a little scared in the second cave we went to. Jeff in and the girls in front of the 1st cave - ice cave - long time ago this is where Bend would go to get ice for the summer months. There's not much left to see of the cave now. Shawna and the girls in front of the second cave we went to, yes you have to climb down a ladder to get into the cave, this was a large lava tunnel - we didn't get to explore too much of it.

Crazy last minute trip - we took a trip to a VW car show in Washington one weekend. It was a ton of driving for just a weekend, but the girls were great! We had planned on camping but when we got there, all the camp sites were taken. The girls had fun swimming in a pool at the hotel, so that was ok.

Lauren at the park where the VW show was, she really good at doing the monkey bars, it's her favorite thing at school.


1st day of school for Lauren.

This was oreintation day - the first day of school for everyone else