Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sledding Dec. 23

After a busy morning of laundry and shoveling snow, we went with 2 other families sledding. It was a blast and fun to watch the kids. I took out poor Audrey on the first run down the hill. I took a bounce and went over the top of her and spread her face with snow. Poor thing, she didn't want to go on the sled again with me. Lauren had some good wipe outs but got back up and went again. We've got about a foot or so of snow and more they say is on the way for tomorrow. Looks like we will be having a white Christmas. I shoveled out to the green house, half of the loop of our driveway, to the front door, all of the back patio and deck by the spa and a pathway from the back of the house to the front. It's a good thing our snow is pretty light.

Lauren's school party - we made trees out of sugar cones and green frosting.

Lauren's Christmas program

On December 18, Lauren had a school Christmas program. The play was really nice, but sadly non of my pictures turned out. Here is one of Lauren after the play.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Tree house

The snow came this weekend and today school has been cancelled not really because of the snow, but the cold. I guess they couldn't get the buses started this morning. I better get going, I'm babysitting 3 more children this morning.
Here we go again! Jeff is building the girls a tree house now. It's a little scary to me, but he says he'll make it safe for them. He's always wanted to build a tree house. My mom took out their deck, and gave us the wood.

Christmas tree

We went to go get our Christmas tree Dec. 6 with the Irvin family. It was a really nice day. No snow and pretty warm. We did a lot of hiking to pick out the perfect tree. We had a lot of fun.

Kaili and Audrey

Jeff cutting the tree down

The girls watching the tree

The James and Irvin girls


We had a nice Thanksgiving. We didn't have a big group this year, but it was still nice. We missed having the large group. I guess we like having the house stuffed. We had sooooo much turkey left over.