Saturday, July 3, 2010

Sorry this is sideways! But I just had to post it anyways - it's too funny to see Audrey with her moves. This was the LaPine 4th of July parade. Audrey danced on the float for the entire time. 5t66

Friday, April 16, 2010

Lauren lost her first tooth today 4/16/10

Before the tooth came out

missing the tooth, she pulled it out at school today!

Amy's Wedding April 2, 2010

Lauren at the wedding party dinner Amy and Lauren

Lauren's dancing partner

3 little girl cousins

Amy and Lauren again

Spring break 2010

Spring break at the high desert museum

Lauren's 7th Birthday party March 13, 2010

Lauren had a birthday party at our house for her and her friend Sara. There was about 10 little girls and two boys at the house for the party. The theme was strawberry short cake. We played pin the strawberry on her hat, Yes I made the poster. They played pop the strawberry (a balloon) and hot "strawberry pass". They also made hats to take home. I think the party turned out pretty good.

Making hats

Sunriver trip Feb 26 & 27 2010

on the bike trail the rental house

Lauren on the bike

Jeff and Audrey

Monday, January 18, 2010

Audrey's Birthday 2010

Audrey at school for her birthday, she wasn't too happy she had fell on the concert outside and got hurt.
The cake I made her, don't you just love the candles heehehehe

eating dinner and would rather have cake and ice cream

Christmas 2009

Ok so as usual we didn't take a lot of pictures at christmas. Here we are with Aunt Mary infront of the new camping kitchen my dad got us. Lauren loved her new desk we got her, but I think her favorite thing she got was a game called Guess Who and yes Aunt Mary played it with her all day on Christmas and she still plays it all the time. Audrey enjoyed her table and the new bottles for her baby dolls. yes, it was like the coldest day of the year and we went to see the lights and the ginger bread houses in Sunriver! Ouch it was -10 out when we were there.

some of the ginger bread houses

My favorite, I took more put I turned the camera so I haven't ajusted the shots for this and I'm lazy and probably never well. So sorry

Christmas dinner at mom's house! What a crowd had so much fun!

Nov. 2009

we had family over for Thanksgiving at our house. Lots of good food. In this picture you can see the yummy rolls I made in the cupcake holder. The best I've ever made. Mark and Margy are also in the picture. can you say sweets! Uncle George made pumpkin cream puffs, I made the a pumpkin pie and an apple pie and Aunt Mindy made an apple pie as well. If that wasn't enough Grandpa Jim brought cupcakes.

Halloween 2009

pumpkin patch yes, mom and dad what a pair

at the pumpkin patch

little witch

the 2 witches, funny that almost everyone was a witch this year, Lauren was a black cat again. I tired to get her to be something different. Oh well, maybe in 2010.

oops been a long time since I updated this