Tuesday, February 24, 2009

family on the fast trip

oops, didn't turn this one, sorry, just turn your head, heeeheee. We didn't really have time to see many people while we were in Bakersfield. Sorry :( to those we missed. Lauren and her cousin Dustin (same age). Audrey and her Cousin Alexis (same age). Grandma and grandpa James.

Another high light of our fast trip was going to the park to fish with Grandpa! The girls really enjoyed being outside, they thought it was perfect weather for going in the water! It was 70' out!


Ok, so most of you might not know. My Aunt Mary and I took a fast trip to Bakersfield, to see my dad. He was suppose to have surgery and we wanted to be there, but as things happen. The surgery was moved back. So instead we spent the day at CALM (California living museum.

80's dance

We had an 80's dance at church. Jeff was the DJ. Yep, didn't have to go far to find music for the dance. So he dressed up as the "Flock of Seagulls" You know the song "I ran". AND yes, the suit is from when he was in high school. Doesn't that just make you sick, that he can still wear it. I tired to have my hair as I had it in the 80's (but most of the time I just had it in a pony tail) and yes the shirt I have on, really is from high school in the 80's. My friend Marni, also had her high school shirt on. Sad but true, Marni and I got just about all the 80's trivia questions. Although, we didn't have many people show up, we still had fun!

Will you be mine?

Lauren at her party at school. What fun she had opening all the cards and reading them. Where's Audrey? She and her friend Bailey are hiding in the bears.

cleaning the table

One way to clean your table is to let the kids finger paint with shaving cream, it's amazing cleans and shines at the same time.