Sunday, March 15, 2009

more bouncing

This is Lauren going down the big slide at Bouncing off the walls. I think she had a great birthday week. It started with going out to lunch with Aunt Mary to Red Robin's on Wednesday 3/11, then on 3/12 we took cupcakes to school & dinner with grandparents and cake, 3/13 she had her friend Alex over for lunch and to play, 3/14 she took 2 friends to bouncing off the walls and out to lunch.

another bouncing off the walls

Bouncing off the walls movies

bouncing off the walls

Audrey climbs the obstacle course wall Lauren getting ready to jump and stick to the wall

March 14, 2009

Lauren was very upset that we didn't have the big birthday party for her like we did the year before. Yes, I didn't get it together enough to have friends over. So instead Lauren was able to take two friends to a place called "Bouncing Off the Wall" it's an indoor bounce house place. I also took the girls out of lunch and ice cream. I think she had a good day. Audrey walking tall
The two friends she took, Katelyn and Emilia

Day with Alex

Lauren's good friend Alex came over to play on March 13 after school. They rode the bus home together and then had lunch. It was such a nice day they were able to play outside for a long time.

Lauren's Birthday

Lauren's birthday March 12, 2009- What a day she had. It started out with her awesome mom making her banana muffins for breakfast with a little bit of frosting, although she didn't like them. Then at school I brought her cupcakes to share with the class. That evening Great Grandpa and Great Grandma Young came over with a gift and to visit for awhile. Next Grandma and Grandpa Mark came over for dinner and cake. Lauren had her favorite salmon for dinner. Above, at school with one of her good friends (Katelyn) who just happens to be our next door neighbor as well. Below she's passing out her cupcakes in her classroom.

opening gifts

birthday cake

blowing out the candle

Cat in the basket

Our crazy cat likes to sleep on paper and in boxes or small places, I thought this was funny since the basket is full of paper and the basket is too small to fit his big body in.

Cat in the Hat Night 3-2-09

Cat in the Hat Night is a bing thing at the elementary school. There was a total of 1086 people at this school event. It's just a fun night to celebrate the love of reading on Dr. Seuss's birthday March 2.
Lauren as The Lorax

Audrey "Hopping on Pop"

Audrey the CAT in THE HAT

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Audrey the best fit a 3 year old can have

I was asked to post this clip of Audrey having a fit, because I got her out of the car and she wanted to on her own. She'll probably hate me for it when she an adult.