Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July 2009

We spent the 4th of July at my mom's going on the slip and slide with cousins and having a BBQ. It was nice visit with family. My mom, step dad, Grandp Jim, Grandma Margy, Uncle John, Aunt Mindy, Rita, cousin Lilly, cousin Kannon, Uncle George, Uncle Rus, cousin Dillon all made it for the great BBQ. 1 1/2 hours of fireworks
Not too cold out, but the mosquitoes were getting us
Look at all those safe fireworks, but are they in the hands of boys being safe with them?

slip and slide fun on 4th of July

a new way to go on the slip and slide is to hop on it to the end, says Audrey

midway dun

It was a hot day, watching the talent show

what fun


4th of July parade 09

My future truck
This is who we have to protect LaPine, haha

Grandpa's car he drove in the parade

Jeff and the girls in his car

Bike riding girls

I've been trying to ride to the mail box each day. It's not really that long of a trip, but it was long enough for Audrey to fall asleep. It still hurts my wrist a lot, but I'm working on it.

swim lessons 2009

Let's go - Lauren is a swimming girl this year
Audrey's working on it! We have another week of swim lessons next week.

all smiles

the seals we so much fun to feed!

We may look all smiles, but this was a lot of work. The girls had fun!


Vacation in Seaside, Oregon was a lot of fun. We could of had better weather, but we didn't have rain until the last night which, is really good for the Oregon Coast. Above, Audrey hanging out with Grandma.

What should we do next? Check out Lauren, miss pose for the picture.
This is the view from the condo we stayed at

Jeff is not so happy I took his picture - what a red eye -

Lauren loved the pool at the condo, she went swimming just about every night.

Audrey after playing in the sand and water, didn't want to walk back up to the condo- her "leggies" were broken.

No I didn't eat all the candy, how can you tell?

More sand please!

jumping in the waves

sweet pair

Lauren on the beach

next to the river

don't you even dare

Camp 18 resturant on the way home

View from the other side of the condo

Grandma and her girls

The slowest elevator

on the top - the 6th floor

Audrey loves the sand