Sunday, September 13, 2009

1st day of school 2009 to the rest of the summer

Lauren's first day of school

Audrey's first day of preschool

Our Labor Day blow out party - yes we had 24 kids! It was a fun time complete with tug of wars! Bailey, Leah and Audrey walked around carrying their plates, because of the bee and because well, their girls.

eating some grub!

little bit older kids sitting in chairs eating and having a good time

Sometimes, the little girls sat down, this was such a cute picture, we had all the little girls sitting in the little chairs (they did this on their own) but I wasn't fast enough with the camera to get the shot.

getting ready for a tug of war

Go team go!

yes, I we were happy about school starting! Although when Tuesday came, I had to walk out of Lauren's room really fast, because I felt the tears coming on. It's odd to have Lauren gone all day long.

High Desert Museum with Grandma Stockton and Aunt Mary - we made 2 trips to the museum this summer, this was the second trip. The first trip we went with daddy and he finally got to see the old saw mill going.

bob wire horse

Crazy camping trip - we wanted to go on our last camping trip before school started with some friends but they were unable to make it, I guess they missed out! It was a crazy trip, our first night was so loud with bugs and the water was nasty, we packed up and drove, drove, drove to another place. We only made it to another lake after many failed attempts to go to other camp grounds. The girls had some fun for the most part.

Audrey eating an oreo cookie in the canoe

In the car but having fun

the first camp spot, pretty from a distance! I guess we need some more camping gear! This was primitive camping, no table or water unless the green stuff from the lake at this place.

We didn't make it to our county fair this year so we went to Crook county fair instead the following weekend. Audrey thought this was sooo much fun.

Getting ready for a ride at the Crook County fair

Audrey wasn't too sure she liked this ride

hot day at the Derek Park - the girls wanted the geese to come to them, but sadly we didn't have food, so they didn't give the girls a second look.

Flash back car show at Derek Park - we visited Daddy, but it was really warm so we left them at went to the movies to see Ice Ages: Dawn of the dinosaurs

Lauren learned to fly fish with grandpa Stockton - or is she teaching him some new tricks!

Can you believe it, Lauren has 2 fishing poles!

Check out this burger! This is a huge burger from Pilot Butte Burgers, we just had to get one for Grandpa Stockton! Oh and yes, the burger was yummy!

Lauren, Grandma Stockton, Audrey, Shawna, Aunt Mary

we went camping up at East Lake with some friends from Jeff's work. We didn't get anything, but had a nice time riding on the boat round the lake.

Kip's boat on East Lake

We didn't make a fire, but the girls still wanted to roast "Smellows" (marshmellows)

Aunt Mary's Birthday at Goody's Ice cream

I did 2 art camps this summer for children 3-9 years old! I had fun doing it and actually look forward to doing it again next summer, but I was sure tired after the week. This is some of the art work from the first camp we had.

Big hit was the drip painting! Lauren and her friend

Swim lessons - go Lauren go, she can now go under water!

Swim lessons for Audrey! That completes the rest of our summer, I hope you had a great summer as well!