Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Everyday at lunch, Lauren likes to watch and art show on PBS. This is what she did while I was updated this blog.


Look I'm happy! Audrey is doing pretty good at going potty now. She said she's a big girl now and doesn't want to have diapers anymore!

Family Fun Center

When Dad came home we went to the family fun center for a little bowling

Audrey's 3rd Birthday

Audrey's 3rd birthday! Yes now she's 3 years old, but just look at that face. She was so unhappy all day long. We couldn't get her to smile for anything. The next day she said, I'm a big girl now. I guess she doesn't like getting older.

A Day at Working Wonders Jan. 17, 2009

The girls in Black and White

Just a nice day in the backyard

Friday, January 2, 2009

wind storm

January 1 was a wild day for Jeff, as the wind let out it's force on Bend. Jeff spent the entire day working on down power lines. This is one of the pictures he took of an area that was hit by the wind. It was reported that the wind gust got up to 65 mph and higher in some areas. Generally he doesn't have to go out on outages and can do most of it by the computer, but with 4,700 customers without power and being on call he had to go. It's been a mess since Dec. 31, Jeff's phone has been going off all night long since the then. Only 3 more nights of on call and then he can get some sleep.

January 2009

Ok, crazy winter weather up here in Oregon. It started with very, very cold temps, so cold Lauren missed school because the bus wouldn't start. Then we had snow, snow, and snow till Christmas Eve. Now it's warmed up to a mess of mud with the temp. being 51 degree yesterday. Now we're back to a cold today with a little bit of snow. Now we have ice all over, so don't forget your ice skates if you come visit, hahah. Just before the snow melted away we made a snowman and a snowcat, we also went sleding again before it started raining. The snowman and snowcat have since melted.